Scaling Agile Global ™ was founded by Swen Wegner and Peter Mörsch to connect agile enthusiasts locally by participating in workshops, speeches and open round discussions. We currently have groups in 12+ countries and thus connecting the local communites to a global network of Agile -enthusiasts, -professionals and -peers looking to become agile. Scaling Agile Global ™ is not focusing on a single „Scaling Agile Framework“. This has been proven by receiving officially accredited ‚Meetup Badges‘ from the Founders of SAFe, LeSS and Scrum@Scale. Our global community consists of a mixture of Agile experts from the above named domains and thus making every single meetup a unique experience where our members receive a good flavour of every methodology or framework that exists. We are proud to be part of this global movement and welcome sponsors to contribute and be part of this great initiative.

Value for Attendees

  • Networking with agile minded peers
  • Learn about latest Agile Trends in the Industry
  • Participate in real-life scenario workshops
  • Learn about how tooling can help and support agile work
  • Understand the value of Scaling Agile throughout the Enterprise
  • Understand how Software Tools can support PI Planning.
  • Platform to share personal experience and best-practices with the Scaling Agile Global Community™
  • Be part of a local and global “Scaling Agile Community”

Value for Sponsors

  • Global Marketing Reach
  • Position the company as an Expert in Agile Transformations
  • Position the company as a Thought Leader in Scaling Agile
  • Network with Peers
  • Become popular in the global “Scaling Agile Community”
  • Increase Traffic to your website
  • Be seen in an Interview Video ( see Sponsorship )

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