Founder message

Founder message

Scaling Agile Global ™ was founded by Swen Wegner and Peter Mörsch to connect agile enthusiasts Locally & Globally by participating in workshops, speeches and open round discussions.
Founded in 2018 @ Germany, it now boasts communities across 14 countries with 16 Chapters & 1k+Active Members, spread across the globe! . 
Scaling Agile Global ™ is not focusing on a single "Scaling Agile Framework“. This has been proven by receiving officially accredited ‚Meetup Badges‘ from the Founders of SAFe, LeSS and Scrum@Scale.
Our Global community consists of a mixture of Agile experts from the above named domains and thus making every single meetup a unique experience where our members receive a good flavour of every methodology or framework that exists.

Value for Attendees

  • Networking with agile minded peers
  • Learn about latest Agile Trends in the Industry
  • Participate in real-life scenario workshops
  • Learn about how tooling can help and support agile work
  • Understand the value of Scaling Agile throughout the Enterprise
  • Understand how Software Tools can support PI Planning.
  • Platform to share personal experience and best-practices with the Scaling Agile Global Community™ 
  • Be part of a local and global “Scaling Agile Community”

We are proud to be part of this global movement and welcome all agile aspirants to contribute and be part of this great initiative.


-Peter Mörsch & Swen Wegner-


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